What are the benefits of a free boiler, if I qualify?

If you live in Coventry, Rugby, Leicester, Hinckley or the surrounding area and your boiler is old and inefficient, the good news is you could qualify for a new one, absolutely free!

The Free Boiler Team are dedicated to make sure you receive your free boiler, with installation, within 3-5 days, and that could have enormous benefits for you and your household.

We all know that our homes are getting more and more expensive to heat, and it’s not because they’re getting more drafty, bigger or the weather is getting colder. In fact many of us have taken advantage of similar schemes aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of our homes, such as free cavity wall insulation or loft lagging. The unavoidable fact is that the price of energy, gas, electricity and oil, is only going up, and casting a glance across the geopolitical landscape, it isn’t likely to be going down any time soon.

That’s why it’s vital you take all the steps you can to use less gas, and that is where The Free Boiler come in:

Old boilers have parts that have been exposed to moisture and heat for years. Wear and tear caused by these things, plus build up of residue and minerals mean that you old boiler is more likely to fail, inconveniencing you and costing a fortune in repairs for you or your landlord.

Boilers that aren’t working at optimum efficiency cost more to run as they use more energy.

Old boilers were built at a time before new improved technology and the availability of condensing boilers. These new types of boiler produce the same amount of heat and hot water using less gas. Helping to reduce your fuel bills, even in the face of rising prices.

That’s why you should find out if you qualify for a new FREE boiler, if you live in Coventry, Rugby, Leicester, Hinckley or locally. Check our website for full details.

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